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You were correct when you said to Salim that there is no solution. Salim was wrong to ignore the implications of his own statement and just responded by going back to say that there is a solution which is to go back to the historical solution during the Cuba Missile Crisis and then to talk about the Monroe Doctrine.

The truth is as you stated, the West doesn't want a solution because the West is bent on destroying Russia and breaking it up. The West own anti Russian phobia has gotten so deep that the West is willing to accept a nuclear war. I've read that the Neocons in the U.S. believe that at nuclear war is winnable but more importantly it seems to me that the Neocons no longer want to be frightened by the prospect of nuclear war because they can't accept limits.

This position reminds me of what Jordan Peterson criticized the Left for which is that the Left is incapable of accepting to its desires whereas Conservatives do have their own red lines that they will not cross. This is why now the U.S. has the uniparty in Congress. The U.S. is dedicated to the extinguishment of Russia and that should frighten all the other nations of the world because they can be next. So much for the U.N. Charter of the equality and sovereignty of all its member countries if the U.S. has the right to decided which countries can exist and which ones can't

There's no coming back from the goals of regime change and elimination of Russia or China. The U.S. can't negotiate when it has these criteria for what the war is to accomplish. Russia can't give up nor can it even accept a Ukraine on its borders any longer. Russia must conquer all of Ukraine and either reincorporate it into Russia or make it a Russian protectorate.

Russia cannot give up any land that it has acquired. There is no one in the West that is to be trusted. Absolutely no one. All trust is gone and the U.S. has done it. The U.S. will not abide by anything it promises to do and I we know now that it never was negotiating in good faith with the Russians.

Zelensky doesn't have a country. Ukraine is a breakaway republic of Russia. Ukraine exist on land it stole from Russia. There's nothing in Ukraine that isn't Russian. Odessa is Russian, Crimea is Russian The U.S. has no interest in this region of the world and shouldn't be involved at all with any settlement. The U.S. and NATO are dishonest broker who irresponsibly rolled the dice of the world's present and future on destroying Russia. And employed every illegal act they needed to accomplish that goal.

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