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Apr 10, 2023·edited Apr 10, 2023

This is also a good idea but how do you implement it in a system where the leader of the Executive is also a member of the Legislative? The Prime Minister isn't elected by popular vote on that position alone The Prime Minister is elected as an M.P. who is also the leader of the party and as leader of the party he is the designated sole member of the Executive branch.

If the Americans who were blessed with a Constitution that outlines the separation of powers in detail cannot any longer abide by their own Constitution because the Legislative branch refuses to assert its powers over against the Executive and they now have an Executive that refuses to even exercise its own powers because such refusal is an expedient method to attain the party's political goals then how is Canada going to do it?

We already have a system of Backbenchers who are cowed into submission because they need the Executive branch M.P./party leader to sign their running papers. Basically the Canadian system is just a certification of a bunch of Yes people who don't say no to the M.P./leader who also occupies the P.M.'s chair.

I know that nobody wants to hear it but the Canadian system needs to be torn up and redone from top to bottom. Otherwise all that you are doing is squeezing in one spot only to have it balloon out of another spot. Both the system and the people in it are broken.

Here's the latest example of the U.S. Congress and Executive branch empowering the Imperial Presidency:


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