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Mar 2, 2023Liked by Robert Vaughan

Calling him a fraud is too kind. He is another traitor to the Charter and the Constitution. He is a man who pretty well towed the Liberal Party line during COVID and who only touched his toe in the Freedom Party when he saw that they were gaining wide support amongst the conservative segment of the conservative adherents.

I wasn't surprised at his comments regarding Ms. Anderson. I was disappointed though in Leslyn Lewis fell into line so easily. She's obviously been promised a portfolio in a possible Conservative government. How else to explain her inclusion in this meeting. He's grooming her to play her role but only as long as she falls into line on every issue.

Pierre supports the war in Ukraine. Has adopted the chorus line of, whatever it takes and the lies about Putin. As you are aware I also have these same criticisms about Maxime's stance on Putin but I am in his camp because he at least wants NATO gone and Canada out of the war that we aren't a party too LOL

You and Max had a good talk and I shared it on my Twitter account

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